Ghostfoot and Rainwhisper

Happy Mother's Day!  I chose to draw Ghostfoot because, of my three characters, she is the one who really loves her mama.  Since I am posting it here, I thought it would be nice to give a little backstory.

So Ghost is a second generation half-elf, meaning both her parents were half-elves.

Rainwhisper and her mate, Dusktree, tried to get pregnant for many years.  When they were middle aged, it finally happened.  They considered this a wonderful gift and retreated to seclusion in the Hannon Woods, where Dusktree built a small lodge.  While Rainwhisper hid away from the world with her little girl, Dusktree still had to go out and hunt and do a little work for money here and there.  On a day like any other, while doing some menial task for a few gold, he was brutally murdered by a passing orc.  Ghostfoot was 5.

Until her dying day, Rainwhisper - who rarely went into town - never knew what happened to her husband.  But his disappearance made her even more protective of Ghost.  She felt abandoned - it was just her and her little girl against the world.  Rainwhisper took Ghostfoot wherever she went and began teaching her how to survive in the wild forest - raised her as a druid, friend to nature.  As Ghostfoot grew up, Rainwhisper aged.  Eventually she contracted an illness and though she fought it off for a long time with various remedies, herbs, and meditations - she grew weak and one day succumbed.

Ghostfoot, age nineteen, was left all alone.  She knew how to survive, but she was miserable.  She missed her mother.  That's when she began to wander, looking for companionship, looking to make a little coin and start traveling the world that's been kept a secret from her.
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